About Us

SIO has risen with the mission of Preparing students & Youths for the reconstruction of society in the light of divine guidance.

Being a student’s organization, SIO has carried out various activities extensively in the field of Education in the form of Research, Analysis, conferences, discussions, debates, seminars, symposiums, service activities & in many other ways.“Sansad Mein Shiksha” &“Education in Assembly” at National & state level are one of the important programs organized by SIO regularly.

Apart from organizing regular activities & timely programs as mentioned above, the prioritize work SIO has been doing for three decades now, is preparing a generation of dedicated & committed Students & youth for this continuous struggle; who through their talents, skills & all efficiencies are contributing for benefit & welfare of Society.

Issues concerning violation of human rights, injustice & atrocities on students & youths are also addressed by our organization unequivocally.

Campaigns like Protest against Institutionalize Communalism, Save Campus – Save Democracy, Campaign to restore Students Union elections in Campuses, Terror Free India campaign, Online Campaign against ISIS & many other campaigns were carried out to voice our opposition against injustice & violation of Human Rights and to create awareness among the masses.

SIO has been addressing issues concerning students, education & society at large, whenever required. Educational issues like Illiteracy, Child Labour, lack of infrastructure & resources in educational institutions.

We invite everyone to join us in this struggle….