Brotherhood Campaign launched at Bangalore from SIO Karnataka

Bangalore: Today at the press club hall of the city SIO Karnataka lauched the
Brotherhood Campaign under the banner of “Many Religions One India”. The
campaign is to address the issue of communal polarisation in the campuses
across the state. Religious leaders from all community addressed the gathering.
Sri Veerabhadhra Chennamalla Swamiji, Rev. Dr. Prasad, S. Parab Joth Singh
Bali, Maulan Maqsood Imran Rashadi, Jb. KM Ashraf made deliberations on
the central theme of the campaign. Mohammed Rafeeq, President, SIO
Karnataka presided the event. The campaign will go ahead with various
activities across the state to address the students and youths.

Students protest against the racial attack at Bangalore

Bangalore: Students of Christ university along with north east solidarity group organized a protest at town hall on 18 march against racial attack on *Higio gungtey* a student of Christ university hailing from arunachal Pradesh by his landlord for allegedly using excess water. On 6th march Landlord Hemanth kumar, who is a criminal lawyer by profession, attacked and abused him, he threw His luggage from third floor and forced him to lick his shoes. Protest demands to book landlord under racial attack. Gungtey’s father said he has filed an FIR and wants him to get arrested for abusing gungtey’s mother and beating him up. North east solidarity president Mrs raina spoke about growing intolerance and such racist and castist mentally. Christ students demonstrated a street play about the discrimination and racism. Students were holding play cards and shouting slogans with strong message about theiridentity, human rights, and racism. Delegates from SIO Karnataka were part of the protest.

Protest against the killing of Indian at the USA by SIO Udupi

Udupi: The United States of America is going through an age where violation of
human rights are the rule of the day. Racism and anti- minority policies of the
Trump administration is clearly visible in the acts like the murder of Indian
techie. At this point of time SIO Udupi gathered at the central part of the town
and protested against the killing of the Indian in the USA. The protest
gathering was a Solidarity with struggle against Trump. Yaseen Kodibengre,
ZAC Member, SIO Karnataka addressed the gathering. Other dignitaries were
present at the protest held in Udupi.

Common schooling system is our long term goal: Prof. Dubey

Bangalore: On the completion of seven years of the RTE Act 2009 on March 1st
2017, various educationists are of the opinion that the implementation of the
clauses of the act is not executed properly. SIO Karnataka state delegates met
Prof. Mushkund Dubey and Ambarish Rai of AIRTEF and emphasised the need
of a social audit of the implemantation of the act across India. They strongly
belived that RTE should alwasy become a tool to fullfill the lonbg term goal of
Comman Schooling System. Delegation was lead by Mohammed Rafeeq, State
President and other secretaries were part of the delegation.