State Conference

About State Conference 

“Your world is only the one which you create yourself” said the great philosopher, poet Dr. Allama Iqbal. Many thousand years before, Islam the greatest of blessings from Allah and our ultimate strength had done exactly the same. From the desert of Arabia to the Spain of dark ages, Islam ensured that, obstacles became challenges that were to be accomplished, adversities were seen as means to realize hidden potentials and strengths, roadblocks were source of renewed confidence and innovation. As the Islam spread, its journey was one of persistent transformation, from despair, desperation, depression and drabness to cheerfulness, confidence, conviction and optimism.

For communities to be triumphant, thinking should become their capital, endeavor the way, hard work the solution and resilience the attitude. Their tomorrows are creations of their convictions, knowledge, learning and proof of their overwhelming human spirit. They are grateful as compassionate and hospitable people, ever ready to provide humanitarian assistance that is asked from them. A billion sound bites and a million comments cannot subdue the capacity of a community to discern or lure it to lose its focus from its goal. Individuals in community must realize their potential and value; they must comprehend that they are companions in joy, friends in distress with the capacity to shine like stars in the darkest of times. Communities with mission understand that it is better to do their mite than to complain and retreat. “Shikwa-e-zulmat se behtar ye hai ki apne hisse ki koi shamma jalayi jaaye… ”

We, the Muslims, are a community with noblest of missions, excellence of ideology, truest of beliefs and comprehensive way of life. By virtue of our faith (Imaan) we are obliged to be hopeful. Our trust on, expectations from and relationship with Allah – the Almighty, all Merciful, Benevolent; is the source of our self confidence, self esteem and dignity. By sanctioning us to be just, to be beneficial to all and to be merciful our Lord has made us the best of communities. He has chosen us to be witness over the entire mankind. Our Legacy is that of accomplishments, reason, liberation and development. As such we cannot then afford to lose our dignity, belittle our conviction in our principles, ideology and withdraw when faced with current hostile and unfavorable situation.

When the conventional discourse in our times fluctuates between unrealistic binaries, conflicting viewpoints and engineered issues something has gone wrong, terribly wrong. We are taken over by the perception of helplessness due to brazen and brutal election campaigns, persisting language of exclusion, demonization, continued labeling, fear mongering, lynching, massacres and persecution. We seem to have lost the track. We need to relook at our abilities, regain our struggle, refocus and let not these efforts to damage our social fabric succeed. We need to understand that we can build a society where head is held high and mind is without fear. We need to rekindle the spirit of meaningful dialogue. It is inevitable that we stop being passive and reactionist; we need to act decisively, positively and  reclaim the narrative and position ourselves as trend setters.

The world awaits the solution, a complete one; for it is faced with serious challenges and problems. That complete solution is Islam. Combination of neoliberalism and Islamophobia has had a pessimistic reaction. While the Islamophobia excludes, neoliberalism includes people at the cost of their diverse identities and beliefs. The result of this has been adverse; significant portion of human populace has developed false stigmas and perceptions of Islam and more importantly, the conviction of a section of Muslims in ideological foundations of Islam stands diminished. Articulating and communicating the right nature, message and understanding of Islam becomes mandatory at this juncture. Islam needs to be presented in its true essence, with reason and pragmatism. We can no longer afford to be satisfied with cursory arguments, it is essential that we develop academic temper and vigor, while we also remodel our character in accordance with Islamic mandate.

A nation/community under the domination of external influences and circumstances seeks to escape from the present in dreams of a vanished age and find consolation in vision of its past greatness. We have to recognize that we have capacity needed to repeat, rewrite and restate our forgotten story, a story of enlightenment. We need to look beyond sensationalist headlines and foster genuine understanding of Islam and our capabilities. We need to reiterate that jingoism, racism, fear and extremism serve no purpose but inflicting harm. We need to accomplish our dreams and build a tomorrow of our aspirations.

This is the message that Students |Islamic Organization of India, Karnataka desires to convey by organizing a state level conference. It wishes to imbibe the sentiment of reassurance with regards to Islamic principles, capabilities of Muslim community and help Muslim youth set right their direction. It aims to convey the message that it is high time that we reorient our efforts, utilize our time appropriately for life is too short to engage in battles of opinions in public, these add no value, take critical time and focus our attention away from our mission. The conference will dwell deeply in the happenings around the world and our country and aims to present a clear roadmap ahead for the youth. SIO Karnataka through this endeavor hopes that these difficult times will open doors of new opportunities and better future.

Together we have achieved a lot. Even in the midst of all the impediments, distractions and roadblocks we have the tendency to persevere and make wonderful progress. Our community is no bigger or smaller than any of our individual beings. We need to play our roles for destiny of our nation is vested with us. We need to thrive in the time ahead. We are capable of achieving more, being more, than we have ever imagined possible. Let us count on ourselves and rise above the distractions, conquer the hurdles, focus on what really matters and deliver.