About Us

On 19 th October 1982, a new dawn in the form of Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) has risen with the mission of Preparing students & Youths for the reconstruction of society in the light of divine guidance. SIO being a national level student’s organization has its branches in almost all states & districts of India. Since its inception, cadre associated with SIO is working tirelessly for achieving its objectives of redefining Education System; developing Vitreous society; Eradicating Evils; promoting peace, brotherhood & Harmony; nurturing talents & skills of students & youths for larger benefit of society; solving students, educational & social issues; making campuses creative & healthy space with social sensitivity and carrying out welfare activities for students & youths..

Existence of Peaceful & Harmonious society is a pre requisite for progress of society & nation. SIO, since its inception has worked extensively in this regard. From carrying our research work on commonalities between various religions & isms to carrying out various activities like seminars, conferences, symposiums, inter faith dialogues, get together, literature distribution, peace & Humanity Campaigns etc, SIO has played an active role in promoting peace, Harmony & Brotherhood. International Conference on “Communal Harmony & Nation Building” in Banaras Hindu University and National Symposium on “Religious Harmony & Social Development” in Davangera University were organized as part of it. Research work on “Basava Philosophy & Islam” highlighting the commonalities between two religions was much appreciated. On similar lines, research on commonalities between different religions is under way. Campaigns like “Bridge the gap – Bring the change: Join hands! let’s build the nation”, “Be Moderate – Say no to Extremism: Balanced thoughts for constructive society”& many more were also organized at mass level. Ongoing yearlong campaign with theme “Many Religions – One India” is also part of it. Activities like Regional & district conferences, campus lectures, one to one meets, competitions and cultural activities were carried out & are being done continuously to spread this message in every nook & corner of India.

Documentation of these injustices in the form of books & documentaries has become the effective tool to address these issues. Documentations like ‘Media & Terror: Facts & Fiction’; ‘Tagging of Bhatkal Town & Media’; ‘Terror free India – Insight & Road Ahead’; etc has been widely appreciated. A Documentary “Unsolved Stories of the Unheard” on misuse of draconian laws by state agencies & plight of innocents arrested, prepared by SIO was much appreciated & welcomed by Human Right Activists, organizations & masses alike.

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