Forums & Trusts

Samvedana – Forum for art culture and literature

Samvedana is a registered trust working in the field of Art and Culture. Samvedana aims to breathe an artistic dimension into one’s life. To reach out to people to sensitize them about the social issues, to raise questions central to our existence, to initiate and nurture dialogues for better understanding and to promote mutual goodwill – Samvedana strongly believes that art and literature plays a vital role.

Samvedana believes in indentifying, training and grooming the talents at the grass roots level. It runs training workshops for students and youth on various forms of art.

Samvedana carries out various activities such as organizing theatres and street plays, running literary events, making short films and documentaries besides others.

CERA – Center for Education Research and Analysis

CERA is basically a registered trust working in the fireld of education and research. It aims to establish a non-profit center for study, research on educational issues and policies. It strongly believes in the idea of dialogue to set a discourse regarding education for constructive changes in the system. It publishes various research documents related to education. CERA strongly believes in the overall development of the individual so that he/she may contribute to the society in a positive manner.